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In today’s video I am going to share some important paperwork needed by mortgage brokers and mortgage. when you hire a responsible individual and or employees in Arizona. In addition I am going to provide you with some important links on the bottom of this video to make the licensing process easier for you. If you have any questions about Arizona mortgage responsible individual requirements. Per the Arizona Statues all employees including the responsible individual that are hired by mortgage bankers or brokers must complete the following: 1. Companies must Conduct a reasonable investigation of the background, honesty, truthfulness, integrity and competency of the employee before hiring. 2. Companies must Collect and reviews all the documents authorized by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 3. Companies must Obtain a completed Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9); a completed and signed employment application; a signed statement attesting to all of an applicant’s felony convictions, including detailed information regarding each conviction; (this is done through NMLS) 4. Consults with the applicant’s most recent or next most recent employer, if any; 5. Inquiries regarding the applicant’s qualifications and competence for the position. Responsible Individual’s that have been approved by AZDFI have met this criteria. 6. If for a loan officer, loan originator, loan processor, branch manager, supervisor, or similar position, obtains a current credit report from a credit reporting agency; done through NMLS Finally per the AZ statues the dept has 120 days to grant or deny a license after receipt of the “completed” application and fees. So if you have made the decision to do business in Arizona or if you are looking for a new RI for you existing company then I urge you to call me today again I can be reached at 480-525-8184 This is Charles Rudolph and thanks for watching.