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In today’s video I am going to share some important paperwork needed by mortgage brokers and mortgage. when you hire a responsible individual and or employees in Arizona. In addition I am going to provide you with some important links on the bottom of this video to make the licensing process easier for you. If you have any questions about Arizona mortgage responsible individual requirements. Per the Arizona Statues all employees including the responsible individual that are hired by mortgage bankers or brokers must complete the following: 1. Companies must Conduct a reasonable investigation of the background, honesty, truthfulness, integrity and competency of the employee before hiring. 2. Companies must Collect and reviews all the documents authorized by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 3. Companies must Obtain a completed Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9); a completed and signed employment application; a signed statement attesting to all of an applicant’s felony convictions, including detailed information regarding each conviction; (this is done through NMLS) 4. Consults with the applicant’s most recent or next most recent employer, if any; 5. Inquiries regarding the applicant’s qualifications and competence for the position. Responsible Individual’s that have been approved by AZDFI have met this criteria. 6. If for a loan officer, loan originator, loan processor, branch manager, supervisor, or similar position, obtains a current credit report from a credit reporting agency; done through NMLS Finally per the AZ statues the dept has 120 days to grant or deny a license after receipt of the “completed” application and fees. So if you have made the decision to do business in Arizona or if you are looking for a new RI for you existing company then I urge you to call me today again I can be reached at 480-525-8184 This is Charles Rudolph and thanks for watching.

Easiest place to find Arizona mortgage licensing application

In this video I will show you the easiest place to find Arizona mortgage licensing application. Call me today 480-525-8184 or visit

Updates on fees and forms from AZDFI

Here is a quick post regarding mortgage broker, banker, loan originators commercial mortgage bankers and registered exempt persons. The link below will provide all the updated fee and the necessary forms required by azdfi.

Note: All licensed entities who will be originating loans in the state of Arizona need an approved responsible individual to be listed on their license. Get all the information needed on this site


To be licensed in Arizona, each mortgage banker, mortgage broker, and commercial lender must employ an Arizona resident called a “Responsible Individual.” The “Responsible Individual” must be qualified and approved by the State of Arizona. My name is Charles Rudolph and I have been approved by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions as a “Responsible Individual.” With over twenty three years as a Real Estate Broker and fifteen years in the Mortgage industry I can undoubtedly assist your company.

If you are on this site you are going to fall into one of two categories:

1. You are looking to obtain an Arizona Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Banker, or Commercial Mortgage Banker License.

2. You have a current license, but wonder if you are getting the greatest return for your “Responsible Individual Dollar”?

Regardless of what category you fall in, I recommend you contact for more a no obligation consultation on my services.

Providing a customized menu of services that is unparalleled among Responsible Individuals is my #1 priority. To differentiate myself from the crowd, I provide a plethora of additional products and services for your company.

My standard scope of services include:

1. Serve in the capacity of your company’s “responsible individual” as defined by Arizona statutes.

2. Provide the required Arizona “principal place of business” (brick and mortar office).

3. I will serve as your “Statutory Agent” with the Arizona Corporations Commission so there is no need to pay a Statutory Agent company for this service.

4. I will assist with your Arizona Corporations Commission and/or Secretary of State filings by reviewing them for accuracy and completeness upon request.

5. I will assist with your initial and renewal application for an Arizona Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Banker or Commercial Mortgage Banker by reviewing the application for accuracy and completeness.

6. I will hand deliver your filings to the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions to help expedite the approval process.

In the competitive marketplace of today, it requires more then just hiring any Responsible Individual. Call me today, because your company deserves to hire someone with proven game changing services to really win.

In addition to my standard scope of services, I have added a menu of marketing services for your company.

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